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Why To the Max?

GTMD 2016

Author: Akhi Menawat

Give To the Max Day is one month away and we are excited about it! Like…very excited about it.

What’s GTMD?
Give To the Max Day is STLF’s biggest fundraiser of 2016! STLF raises $110 for each student who participates in our programs and we need your support. Your gifts provide students with opportunity, a place-to-belong, and action-inspiring programs.

To the Max
Between now and November 17th, STLF is going to raise funds for 545 students—$60,000! This one-month fundraising drive will provide them with more and better leadership experiences.

Seriously, why should someone "max out" in giving to STLF? Student Transformation.
Every month, I’m re-energized by the experiences of our students, hearing their stories. They are emotional, compelling, excited, and inspiring. I want to share portions of two recent stories that have really impacted me.

Natalie’s story:

Quite honestly, when I was younger I could care less about community service, or being a perfect student. I had a hard childhood, and when I arrived at a new school, I saw it as an opportunity to be who I thought I wanted to be. However, after my first STLF tour, I realized that the world is so much more than my small circle of friends and town population. After spending a week selflessly committing my time to getting to know students from surrounding schools and helping people in various communities, I knew I never wanted to stop.

Kindra’s story:

“If you asked each individual person who stepped on the bus that day, why they decided to give up their spring break to volunteer – you are going to get 37 different answers. If you ask each individual person what they gained from the trip you will still get 37 different answers. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the sense of comfort and inclusion I felt over the past nine days. I have gained friendships that I refuse to let go of with people who make me laugh so hard it hurts. I have gained a sense of knowledge that I am doing good in this world, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. In hind sight, it was the easiest decision to give up my spring break to volunteer and spend unlimited amounts of time with 37 strangers.”

Understanding how 37 unique experiences can coalesce into comfort and inclusion through genuine relationships is to know the essence of STLF—we take young people on a journey through the nation and through themselves. We provides youth with a first-chance at leadership; this means exposing students to tough situations whereby problem-solving and learning from error—it’s about learning and growing, and it’s not always easy.

This is my 7th year involved with STLF. Like many of you I’ve seen this organization grow, adapt, and continuously work to better serve students. That’s why I give to the max. What about you?

Give to the max at: go.stlf.net/gtmd

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