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ReimTime's Up

Author: Josh "Reim Time" Reimnitz

2,434 Days Ago...

STLF Staff 2010...I applied for STLF Co-Executive Director of Development position. Now, more than 3.5 million minutes later, it is my time to transition out. But like the six years I was involved with STLF prior to being hired, I will still be around.

We operate using the Core Model – our own brand of team-based leadership. As a part of that model, one of our Co-Executive Directors transitions every two years, with the goal of person working in the role for six years. Now that my six years are up, it is time to pass the baton to a successor (to be named in September).

Noting progressSTLF Student Retreat 2015

I am excited and optimistic about STLF’s future. We have very capable Co-Executive Directors and a committed board. We are dead-set on sharing and pursuing a vision of innovative and inclusive leadership opportunities for young people and I know that work will continue long after my transition.

In the last six years we have accomplished so much. STLF has served nearly 28,000 students and, conservatively, volunteered more than 400,000 hours on programs. We are responsible for more than $1,000,000 in aid to give students who are short on financial resources a opportunity to practice their leadership and build their skills and networks for the future. All of which is part of a growing effort to serve students who need access to leadership opportunities the most.

We have seen STLF supporters go from giving $10,000 on Give to the Max Day to more than $70,000 in a single day! We bring together dozens of nonprofit organizations annually to help the entire sector grow. If you haven’t seen our strategy series it is worth noting what informs our work of revealing leadership and thwarting inaction.

And intermingled with all that real work and progress, we have contributed to the arts (?) with gems like this

Bus LoveSaying So Long

I am so grateful for the many exceptional people I met while working at STLF. With such a young leadership team, it is so important to have mentors and advisors and I have been fortunate to have many. Most of whom also double as donors to STLF to make our programs possible. I have worked with so many incredible students and STLF alumni that it is crystal clear to me that STLF is in the early stages of our impact. There is so much more to come. 

All of the leaders who have worked for STLF in the last six years make up a new branch in my family tree – that is our STLF Staff Family. It has been a true pleasure to spend many of my waking hours with a funacious group of people doing what they can to leave the world better than how they found it. I have certainly been impacted personally and I know others have as well.

There are many more people and partners I would like to thank and name individually, but I absolutely could not have survived the ups and downs of the last six years without my wonderful spouse Daniela and the support of my family, friends, and mentors who provided what I needed to keep pressing forward. Thank you!

Next Steps

I am up for re-election this year so I will be spending the coming weeks campaigning for the Minneapolis Board of Education. I have served a four-year term and hope to continue fighting for all young people at the systems level.

From a "paying the bills" perspective, I’m searching for opportunities to apply what I’ve learned at STLF to help another organization realize its potential. So I will be approaching nonprofits and advocacy groups to offer my skills. We'll see who is interested!

This is a difficult transition for me because I would love to be an integral part to the great things brewing at STLF. It’s a time of transition for the entire organization. However, I know, and I hope you do as well, that there is a place for us in STLF’s work; and if we want to be a part of it we just have to let it know. And I plan to stay engaged!

Please consider joining me to volunteer time, expertise, and financial resources to support STLF’s mission of revealing leadership through service, relationships, and action. 



  • Top image is from my first staff retreat in 2010 - prior to a long overdue haircut
  • Middle image is from our Student Summer Retreat in 2015
  • Last image is from a Pay It Forward Tour Celebration City where we are shouting goodness from on top of a bus (photo credit: Maddy Woiwode with a special appearance by Peaches)

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