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John Carroll University

Welcome to the JCU Chapter of STLF. This is the place to check for all of the latest updates and opportunities for involvement in STLF at JCU. Thanks for your interest! YEAH BUDDY!

About Our Chapter

The John Carroll Chapter of STLF was founded by a group of students in 2007. Keeping with our Jesuit mission of being men and women for others, STLF has made great strides in the campus and greater community. Core Leaders and participants of alike go on to engage in various service opportunities on campus and in their post-grad lives. We are currently going into our 7th year as chapter. We have had over 200 particpants throuhout 6 tours and are continuing to grow and expand. If you have an idea to make a difference at JCU, STLF is a great group of people to help make it a reality. Become the leader that is already inside you!

Chapter Meeting Times

Check back soon for more information about meeting times and future opportunities to learn more about STLF. In the meantime, please contact us at the info below to find a time to get together and learn more about acheter opportunities for involvement and  leadership in STLF.

Pay it Forward Tours


2016Jacksonville, FL

2015-University, Ht, OH -> Louisville, KY -> Nashville, TN -> Tuscaloosa, AL -> New Orleans, LA -> Shreveport, LA -> Dallas, TX

2014-University Ht, OH -> Harrisonburg, VA -> Washington, D.C. -> Chapel Hill, NC -> Myrtle Beach, SC -> Savannah, GA -> Atlanta, GA

2013-Univeristy Ht, OH -> Cincinnati, OH -> Nashville, TN -> Tuscaloosa, AL -> Baton Rouge, LA -> Houston, TX -> Dallas, TX 

2012-Univeristy Ht, OH -> Pittsburg, PA -> Baltimore, MD -> Richmond, VA -> Virgnia Beach, VA -> Wilmington, NC -> Charleston, SC

2011-Univeristy Hts, OH -> Columbus, OH -> Nashville, TN -> Tuscaloosa, AL -> New Orleans, LA -> Port Arthur, TX -> Dallas, TX

2010- University Hts, OH -> Indianapolis, IN -> St. Louis, MO -> Paris, TN -> Birmingham, AL -> Atlanta, GA -> Savannah, GA

2009- University Hts, OH-> Baltimore, MD -> Richmond, VA -> Fayetteville, NC -> Charleson, SC -> Macon, GA -> Jacksonville, FL

List of Upcoming Chapter Events:

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Upcoming STLF National Events - Retreats, Conferences, Etc.:

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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