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St. Thomas Pay It Forward Tour

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Illinois Wesleyan University

About Our Chapter

Welcome to the Illinois Wesleyan University STLF web site!  We have been working to establish STLF on campus for the first time.  We are excited for a great first year on campus and to begin recruiting and planning for the Pay It Forward Tour this spring break in partnership with Southern Illinois University-Carbondale!

Over spring break, we will not only be traveling to six different cities and performing service projects, we will also be pushed to break out of our comfort zones and develop friendships that will last a lifetime! I can promise you that this trip will be a life-changing experience and I invite you to join us as we pay it forward and change not only ourselves but the world.

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Pay it Forward Tours

Our main focus this year will be to start the Pay It Forward Tour on campus for the first time.  The first Illinois Wesleyan University will be a cross country trip with service projects in 6 cities. A bus of up to 40 students from Illinois Wesleyan University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and other schools in the area will join college students from across the country for service, celebration, and fun. The Tour is open to any and all students from any school!

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

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